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Royal Dirkzwager offers solutions and services for maritime, offshore & logistics companies.

Vessel monitoring is our business

Royal Dirkzwager is a specialist in the maritime and offshore world if it comes to 24/7 monitoring the position of vessels, the status of your portcalls and protecting your valuable offshore assets. We offer real-time visibility of all vessels that affect your daily operations.

Due to our longstanding experience in the maritime world we know what is important to you. Our services create value by reducing cost, enhance efficiency, ensure the saftey of people and equipment at sea.

Port Planning & Vessel Monitoring

Planning of vessels calls take place in a rapidly changing environment because ETA’s change and bad weather can slow down port operations. The shipping agent is the crucial link between the vessel, the port, the shipper and the operator. He plans all services that are related to the vessel like ordering the nautical service providers and wet services like bunkers and stores. Also he coordinates the contacts between the vessel, pilots, tugs, boatmen and the terminal. Accurate and reliable information is a must. If the agent plans on outdated information the shipowner or shipper will lose money.


We know what we are talking about!

24/7 Communication Support

Do you want to offer your customers an all-round 24/7 service, without being at the office? By using our 24/7 communication support service you can focus on what you’re really good at. We handle your service calls and telephone alerts and assist you with your administrative duties in and after office hours. Our team of communication professionals will answer every call and deliver your messages round the clock. This way your business is in the best hands.

You are 24/7 in control!

24/7 Control Room

We understand the challenges both the Oil & Gas Industry as well as the Renewable Energy Market are facing. Managing the operational & environmental risks on one hand and reduce costs on the other hand.

Our Maritime Control Room is the first independent third party monitoring center in Europe. From this onshore centre our well trained and experienced staff undertakes all relevant tasks to monitor assets at sea and in the vicinity of ports and waterways and safegueard personell.

Vessels that are about to cause a potentially harmful situation are contacted via VHF and advised to change their dangerous course. This way collisions are being prevented and threats to the environment and sea-life are minimised.

Emergency Response Service

Is the security of your ship, crew and cargo priority number one? And are you, in order to comply with the International Safety Maritime regulations, looking for 24/7 availability or reliable back-up? If one or more of the above mentioned questions can be answered with “yes”, then the Royal Dirkzwager 24/7 emergency response service, with maritime specialists, is the right solution for you.

Data Services

Royal Dirkzwager has an extensive database with data on almost any vessel movement anywhere in the world. It contains real-time and historical information on vessel positions, vessel details, vessel movements and AIS information. This information can easily be obtained via webservices, API connections and reports.

We provide you with all the information you need in a way you can use it right away. From single reports and data downloads to subscription based information and trendline analysis. The right information makes your organization smarter. By having this information available you can either optimize your work, save on marketing costs, time and find new business opportunities.




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