Vessel Traffic Monitoring – Oil & Gas

Our remote Vessel Traffic Monitoring - service monitors remotely maritime traffic in a wide range around offshore assets such as drilling rigs, platforms and oil & gas pipelines. Our team of experts communicates with vessels to avoid possible collisions and facilitates a timely warning.

Protect your offshore assets

Minimize environmental and operational risks. Vessel collisions are a serious threat to the safety of the offshore crew on a platform.

With an increasing number of valuable offshore assets such as oil and gas facilities, and wind farms located in the Northern European waters, safety has become an important matter.


The primary aim of our Remote Offshore Asset Monitoring service is to ensure safety of personnel (on platforms), continuity of production (oil & gas platforms and wind & tidal farms) and prevent damage to these assets. The ROAM-service provides an onshore way to monitor the maritime traffic in a wide range around the platform and facilitates a timely warning.  Our team of experts monitors the safety zone around a platform and communicates with vessels to avoid possible threats.


Core tasks

  • 24/7 monitoring of all vessels passing by your offshore assets;
  • Contact the vessel on collision course and advise to change course and keep a safe distance
  • Keep monitoring if vessel stays on a safe course
  • Escalate if the potential dangerous situation remains
  • Assist the OIM with an incident report in the case of an actual violation of the safety zones


Maritime Control Room

From our control room in Maassluis we monitor the shipping traffic in the vicinity of these objects 24/7 by using AIS and Radar.  Vessels that are about to create a potentially harmful situation are contacted via VHF to change their dangerous course. Depending on the established procedures, both the platform operator and authorities are informed.



Why Royal Dirkzwager?

  • Royal Dirkzwager has a longstanding experience in the world of maritime safety.
  • We offer a wide range of solutions, from low cost AIS-only based to fully redundant AIS / radar / CCTV / VHF communication solutions.
  • Our technology partnership with Vissim
  • ROAM can be enhanced with options such as early detection of oil spills


Can we secure your offshore Assets?

If you manage a number of offshore assets in the North Sea and you are looking for a 24/7 surveillance partner please let us know, and we can discuss how we can help you.