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We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. Here’s what they are saying about us.

As ships agents we are active in the port 24/7 and always on call. A substantial amount of time is spent on the road travelling between various terminals and vessels. We are point of contact for various parties, which require rapid information about ships calling the local port. Frequently asked information for example are expected arrival times, departure times and berth information for the vessels. Due to the digitalisation and the changing means of communication we are expected to respond quickly to these enquiries. In Rotterdam we already use the reporting service provided by Dirkzwager for many years now. Thanks to their human touch and 24/7 availability to contact them by phone, they are of assistance to us obtaining required information and data. We experience their service as a great support to our business and services we provide to our clients.

Vessel collisions are a serious threat to the safety of the offshore crew on our De Ruyter platform. As platform manager I am therefore glad that the onshore Dirkzwager ROAM (remote offshore asset monitoring) team monitors 24/7 the marine traffic in a wide area around the platform and communicates with vessels to avoid possible threats. The cooperation and good communication between the offshore Dana Petroleum crew and the onshore Dirkzwager team is of the upmost importance to enhance the safety of the people and the platform.

The quality and efficiency of this service has found the answers to our questions. A more improved and efficient system of notifying, the responsible staff who will be able to react immediately to any emergency or urgent requirement that is directed through the specific emergency office number. The added value of the 24hrs telephone attendance service operations of Royal Dirkzwager is important to iPS. It is also marketed as an integral part of our operational 24/7 assistance when we tender towards clients. We are looking forward towards a long term relationship with Royal Dirkzwager." Nick Spies Division - Director iPS Powerful People

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At what time is my ship at Maas Center buoy? Is the berth available? Do I need to give orders? Where exactly are the tugs and pilots? When should I schedule cargo, line handlers, stevedores, and other service providers? These are just a few of the questions the Reporting Service of Royal Dirkzwager can assist you with. As a representative of a shipping company, you can greatly benefit from our Reporting Service. View berth availability, real-time vessel positions and arrival and departures times 24/7!

Marine Suppliers

For marine suppliers it is crucial to have up-to-date, correct and validated information. We understand how important this is to you. That is one of the reasons why we developed Ship2Report. Use Ship2Report when you exactly need to know at what time a vessel is expected or where she is moored in order to provide your service in time. Also for announcing your ISPS on-board visits Ship2Report is the only application you need.

Oil & Gas Operators

Royal Dirkzwager, a subscriber to the NOGEPA register, offers a variety of services to the Oil & Gas industry. With today’s large number of vessel movements, the safety of oil and gas installations and other valuable assets is a major concern. With complex activities going on like seismic surveys, drilling and other activities in a congested area like the North Sea, safety is paramount. Oil & Gas companies have to rely on active monitoring and navigational advice to pro-actively prevent potential incidents especially in the case of complex operations.

Shipping companies

As a ship-owner, you want to be assured that your ships and crew are safe at all times. At the same time, you want optimal efficiency on the route from A to B. As your partner at sea and in the port, Royal Dirkzwager can ease your concerns and responsibilities with its wide range of services. Our Reporting Service improves operational efficiency and prevents a breakdown in the coordination of vessel operations. From 72-hours before arrival until departure Dirkzwager will assist your local agent with 24/7 monitoring of your vessels.

Terminal Operators

Handling the shipping traffic at a terminal is all about efficiency. With Ship2Report you have online information on a 24/7 basis about arrival and departure times and the worldwide position of ships. This will allow you to react to changing situations and adjust your planning schedule accordingly. With our integrated reporting service, the accuracy of information is guaranteed at all times.

Windfarm Operators

Increasing demand for renewable energy has prioritized the development of wind farms and tidal energy farms. Wind power is growing fast and is widely used in the world, especially in Europe, Asia and the United States. Managing wind farms and tidal energy farms requires effective planning, monitoring and communication. Especially with today’s large number of vessel movements the safety of wind and tidal energy farms (and personnel working there) in the vicinity of busy shipping lanes is a major concern.