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Ship2Report from Royal Dirkzwager automates time-consuming tasks for planners, logistics staff and operational managers.

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AIS Live Map & ETA/ETB Global Ports

Ship2Report offers you a real-time view (AIS based) of expected vessel arrivals in ports worldwide. It’s a powerful tool for monitoring vessel movements, tracking your fleet, sending/approving ISPS requests and receiving vessel status alerts.

Ship2Report facilitates your own planning and makes it possible to respond to changes faster. By using Ship2Report you get a grip on the whole supply chain and you ensure that transport from A to B is as efficient and sustainable as possible.

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Ship2Report helps you to quickly and efficiently find the information you need:

  • Global Satellite-based AIS
  • ISPS request handeling
  • Fleet tracking
  • Validated ETA’s & ETB’s
  • Actual & Forecasted voyage information
  • +200.000 Vessels & Characteristics
  • Notifications


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