ISPS & Portkey


In cooperation with Secure Logistics we have developed a web service for Terminals.

This web service offers multiple benefits for terminals in the Port of Rotterdam and increases efficiency at the gate.


When visiting a terminal you always have to make a stop at the porter to register. In coorperation with Secure Logicstics, we have developed a web service which enables you to enter without stopping at the porter.

When a portkey-user registrates, via the ISPS module on Ship4Terminal, and the registration is approved on by the agent, the user can get direct access on the terminal with no stop at the porter. Reducing waiting times at the gate and diminishing annoyances.
Besides that, the terminal is able, via the Virac software of Secure Logistics, to secure things itself, for example who and at what time Portkey-users are accessing at a terminal.


Since there are also people who are not using the portkey, the Ship4Terminal application will be displayed at the gatehouse on which all the registered visitors are shown. In this way the porter is able to see all registered visitors per vessel.


Would you like to know more? Please contact our Servicedesk for more information.