SPOC NL in production for Zeeland Seaports


We have recently completed the design and development of software for Zeeland Seaports which enables them to live up to the EC directives concerning the reporting of vessel movements and hazardous goods, commonly known as SafeSeaNet/SPOC.nl.

The Port Management System of Zeeland Seaports (PortXcs) now directly sends their messages via Royal Dirkzwager to SPOC NL. Royal Dirkzwager supervises the delivery of these messages.


On 24 January 2013, this new software was officially and successfully taken into production.

As from 2004, the Dutch Ports are obligated to provide maritime data to the system called SafeSeaNet which is part of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).


These guidelines contain changes about the way the member states should provide data to SafeSeaNet which has to be done through one central point for each country where data can be received and sent 24/7.

For The Netherlands, this system is called ‘Single Point Of Contact Nederland (SPOC NL) and is owned by Rijkswaterstaat.

Royal Dirkzwager applied its IT capabilities and knowledge of maritime processes to assist Zeeland Seaports in achieving this. We have previously executed similar projects for Port of Den Helder and Groningen Seaports.


If you wish to receive more information please contact Jos de Korte or Jeroen Kortsmit.