Port of Rotterdam shows modest growth


Looking back at 2012, a year in which the economy is still suffering and recovering from the economic crisis, the maritime sector in Rotterdam is slightly improving. An expected growth was forecasted of about 0 to 1 %. In reality, the freight throughput in port of Rotterdam grew 1,7 %, giving us hope for 2013.


A decrease in the amount of vessels visiting the port of Rotterdam is monitored at about 4,3 % (29529 vessels) compared to 2011 (30789 vessels). Especially vessels with the nationality of Antigua & Barbuda, England and Germany paid less visits to Rotterdam.
Vessels with nationality of Malta, the Bahamas and Liberia visited Rotterdam more often in 2012.


Though the amount of vessels visiting the port of Rotterdam decreased in 2012, the dead weight tonnage and the gross tonnage increased with respectively 2,2 % and 1,9 %.


As you can see in the graph above, the number of container ships declined due to economic reasons and the larger and greater capacity of these ships. Also less cargo was imported and more was exported in 2012. The same goes for general cargo. The amount of tankers visiting Rotterdam increased in 2012.


When looking at the throughput numbers for 2012, we can see that especially the dry bulk market has been suffering from the economic crisis with an average loss of 9,6 %. This is caused by the declining steel production in Europe, especially of ore. A growth in liquid bulk throughput has been observed of 7,7 % as a result of an increase in the handling of more crude oil and oil products. For 2013, the throughput of Rotterdam is expected to grow with 2 %.[1]


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[1] Havenbedrijf Rotterdam