Tracking & Tracing

Do you want to know the current location of your vehicle, barge or vessel on a map? Royal Dirkzwager offers intermodal tracking-and-tracing services.


Royal Dirkzwager´s tracking-and-tracing services support the combination of position information of both seagoing and inland vessels (Automatic Identification System, AIS) and vehicles (Global Positioning Service).
In the offered web applications, functions are available to display the location of vehicles and ships on a map.

Access is provided to you by means of a web application in which a combination of information about barges and/or vehicles in relation with specific ships is visible. This provides unique possibilities for optimizing your delivery logistics based on real-time, actual positions.
All movements of ships, barges and vehicles can be followed and deviations from planning can be detected as they take place. Especially if you need to plan visits to vessels in a port, this service can be of great help.


  • Maintaining your planning based on actual and accurate information.

  • Combining AIS data from vessels with position data (GPS) from vehicles in order to present the positions of vessels (seagoing and inland) and vehicles on one map in our internet applications.

  • Offering the AIS position through satellite based AIS data. Through this, the data is not restricted to coastal waters, but can extend the coverage to a world-wide tracking capability of vessels.

  • Having direct access to detailed information about moving and nonmoving vessels.

Why Dirkzwager?

  • We offer a unique combination of vessel and vehicle positions on map.

  • We provide you safe, quick and reliable 24/7 service.

  • We have longstanding experience in the maritime world.


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