Ship Communication

Communicate with (your) seagoing vessels worldwide in the most cost effective way. Royal Dirkzwager´s Ship Communication makes this possible for you! Including a 24/7 message handling monitoring service.


Shore to ship communication service plays a role in the communication to and from seagoing vessels. With this service Royal Dirkzwager enables you to communicate with seagoing vessels worldwide. The Dirkzwager database of ships contains communication numbers for all seagoing ships.For each communication with a seagoing ship a notice of delivery is supplied in case of successful delivery.


  • Providing the facilities to send messages 24/7 to and from seagoing ships worldwide.

  • Staying in touch with ships that are not in range of land based communication facilities.

  • Receiving immediate notice of delivery is case of successful delivery.


Why Dirkzwager?

  • We are specialized in (satellite) communication.

  • We offer you certainty that your message is delivered to the recipient.

  • Contracts with all the key communication players in the world.

  • Daily invoicing on ship name (C/O ship owner).

  • We offer you safe, quick and reliable 24/7 service.

  • We have over 140 years of experience in the maritime world.


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