Royal Dirkzwager

We are the eyes and ears of the European maritime world. 24/7 we share, as the maritime specialist our knowledge and expertise with organizations in the maritime industry. Our goal is to let our clients excel. They can count on our expertise, quality and reliability.


We work with the belief that the correct interpretation, combination and validation of maritime data can be of vital importance. Nowadays, a lot of maritime data is available for free. Keeping an overview of all the data and interpret, combine, and validate it the correct way, can be of great value for customers and is a specialty. And that is the specialty that Royal Dirkzwager offers.


Since 1872 Royal Dirkzwager is active as an independent communicator in the shipping industry. We have in dept knowledge of our market and related business processes. This experience makes that we know what we talk about. Per year we handle approximately 200,000 ship movements.


We provide more than 800 organizations in the maritime industry with up-to-date information. Our Maritime Control Room is the first independent third party monitoring center in Europe. From this onshore control center our well trained and experienced staff monitors the shipping traffic in the vicinity of the objects 24/7 and we guard windfarms, oil and gas platforms and other offshore objects for collision.


In short our information and the knowledge of our personnel will help make other organizations excel. If it is about saving money or time, ensuring the safety of people, material, ships and structures at sea or reducing the strain on the environment, Royal Dirkzwager can be of service and will be ‘taking the lead’.

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