Royal Dirkzwager has two business units, each with its own business and customers.

1. The unit Maritime Information & Communication Services (MICS) is the operational hart of our company and is 24 hours a day and 7 days per week available, focusing mainly on ship handling in Dutch ports.

Within this unit, Maritime Information consists of two departments:

The Communication department, which is responsible for communicating shore - ship and vice versa, concentrates on the related alert- and security services as well as the Reporting department which is responsible for communicating relevant information in need of efficient ship handling, early accurate predictions on expected arrival and departure times and connecting all links in the chain between maritime companies.

The Product & Datamanagement department is also part of this unit. This department takes care of the maintenance and innovation of the operational (digital) products and of high quality ship related data.


2. The Offshore & Pilotage Services unit (OPS) is amongst others responsible for 'Dirkzwager’s Coastal & Deep Sea Pilotage” (DCP), also known as North Sea pilotage. Through this service the safe and cost effective navigation of ships in the North Sea and the English Channel is optimized. Besides North Sea pilotage, OPS also offers on-site Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), mainly in busy traffic lanes and/or risky areas, in which surrounded ships are guided safely around offshore objects by our experienced VTS operators.

Furthermore OPS provides remote VTS whereby offshore objects are monitored from our onshore control center using AIS, Radar and CCTV technologies.

The two business units are supported by the following staff departments, namely Commercial Affairs, Human Resources and Financial Administration & Control.

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