Offshore VTS

Do you want to avoid maritime safety risks around your offshore projects, reduce the cost of damaged or lost equipment and ensure the safety of your personnel? Royal Dirkzwager´s offshore VTS service supplies the answer.


For many years Royal Dirkzwager´s deep-sea pilots have been present on board offshore platforms, pipe and cable laying barges and survey-vessels, acting as VTS-operators. Because these pilots navigate the English Channel and North Sea on a daily basis on all types of vessels, few people will have more experience in all nautical aspects of shipping in this congested sea-area.

Offshore VTS supervises the traffic in the near vicinity of an offshore project in progress as well as the provision and broadcast of safety information to ships in the vicinity of that project.
At the same time, shipping information is given to the involved project management, in close cooperation with the responsible authorities for the relevant sea area.

By establishing an Offshore VTS service in such a ‘sensitive’ area, the other traffic is observed 24/7, safety information is broadcasted regularly and, if necessary, vessels that are about to cause a potentially harmful situation are warned and/or forced to deviate from their dangerous course. In this way, damage to material, ships and structures can be prevented.


  • Observing and informing surrounding traffic to enhance the safety of an offshore project. 

  • Ensuring the safety of on-board personnel.

  • Reducing the cost of damaged and lost material.

  • Enhancing the safety of the maritime environment.


Why Dirkzwager?

  • We offer a unique deepsea VTS service for North-West European coastal waters. 

  • Our pilots and deepsea VTS operators are licensed by the Dutch government.

  • We offer you a 24/7 full-service on-board for virtually every type of offshore object.

  • Royal Dirkzwager has longstanding experience in the world of maritime safety.

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