Are you looking for support in achieving optimal arrival planning and fuel efficient routing for your fleet of oceangoing vessels? Royal Dirkzwager can supply the answer with its state-of-the-art Bridge Assist solution.


Vessels worldwide are sailing semi-autonomously. Captains & bridge teams often can decide on the arrival time they prefer for the next destination port. As a rule they will arrange some slack to be able to react to unexpected circumstances such as bad weather or heavy sea conditions. This will often result in waiting times at the arrival ports and regular undesired anchorage times.
The optimal arrival time at the destination port can be influenced by different factors such as tidal-conditions, terminal planning, availability of service providers, obstructions and competing traffic.

Royal Dirkzwager has developed a product that tunes the arrival times of seagoing vessels on short sea and deep sea routes to the optimal arrival time in the destination port, considering all above conditions. This results in an optimal Required Time of Arrival (RTA). Bridge Assist advises on the optimal RTA and calculates the most fuel efficient RPM, guaranteeing exact matching of RTA and unobstructed port-entry at lowest possible fuel costs. 
Dirkzwager checks the conditions in the port and recalculates the optimal arrival time every time conditions change. The new optimal arrival time can be reported to the ship operator and the bridge team and, after agreement, recalculates the optimal RPM using state-of-the-art MetOcean information, vessel characteristics and journey conditions (draught/trim of the vessel). This RPM advice is determined in close cooperation with the MetOcean expert Amarcon.



  • Reducing fuel consumption with on average of 3-6 %, depending on the vessel characteristics and MetOcean conditions.

  • Determining the optimal RTA results in an additional reduction of fuel consumption of up to 12 %. 

  • Reducing port stay significantly by optimal RTA matching results.


Why Dirkzwager?

  • We employ a team of experts in the field of port approach monitoring and arrival coordination.

  • We offer you safe, quick and reliable 24/7 Bridge Assist support.

  • Cooperation with experts and MetOcean market leader. 

  • Longstanding experience in the world of vessel operating- and port efficiency.


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