Royal Dirzkwager Cyber Security Update

Cyber Security Update

On March 6th 2023, we experienced a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, this attack resulted in the theft of some of our data, including customer email addresses and other personal information. A small portion of this data has been published on the dark web.

We take this matter very seriously and wanted to notify you to ensure that you are aware of the situation. We understand how important your privacy is and we have made substantial investments to restore and protect our systems. Together with our cyber security experts and IT partner, we have implemented an extensive set of measurements to further harden our IT environment.

EDR Monitoring

We have implemented advanced Endpoint detection and response (EDR) software. Our systems are 24/7 externally monitored to identify, stop, and respond to cyber security threats. We are confident that our cyber security defence meets high industry standards and we want to assure you that we have taken the necessary steps to prevent any further unauthorized access.

We have informed law enforcement and have worked with cybersecurity experts to investigate the matter in depth. In light of this incident, we advise you to be vigilant of suspicious emails or phishing attempts that may use your email address.



We apologize for any inconvenience or concerns this cyber attack may have caused. We understand that your trust in us has been violated and we are committed to regaining your trust. Our ambition has always been to have top-notch systems and security, and we will continue to implement the latest cybersecurity measures.


Data Protection Request

If you have any questions or concerns about this cyber attack or your data at Royal Dirkzwager, please do not hesitate to request more information online: Data Protection Request.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support.




Joan Blaas


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