Royal Dirkzwager has taken over the softwarebranch of Port+

Port+ Digital and Royal Dirkzwager join forces

Netherlands based Royal Dirkzwager from Maassluis (the 24/7 service provider of shipreporting and nautical data within the Dutch ports) has taken over the softwarebranch of Port+ in Antwerp. This has created the market leader in the field of port calloptimization data in the Antwerp Bruges - Rotterdam - Amsterdam (ARA) region.

Port+ is part of the Antwerp Havenkoepel. In recent years, Port+ has developed several applications to optimize port calls, such as Qronoport and Portcall Mobile. For these services, it has access to detailed datasets on ship movements and ship planning in the Belgian ports. Royal Dirkzwager offers the same services for the Dutch ports with its SaaS application Ship2Report. Combined, Dirkzwager and Port+ have access to one of the most extensive and accurate datasets for port calls and ETAs. “Scaling up is needed to finance the required investments in further development of the platforms. This collaboration has created the synergy to do just that and the market will soon be able to monitor port calls even better with our Portcall Optimization Software,’ says Joan Blaas, CEO of Royal Dirkzwager. “Initially, little will change for the customers of both companies. In due time, however, the digital products will be merged, which will harmonize the services for parties that are active in the entire ARA region,’ says Blaas.
In addition to the acquisition of the software branch of Port+, an operational collaboration agreement has been signed regarding the reporting services of Dirkzwager and Port+. Bernard Moyson, Havenkoepel Antwerpen (shareholder Port+): ‘We have made arrangements for mutual support in the event of incidents. This will allow Port+ to make maximum use of Dirkzwager’s 24/7 operations and digital systems – and vice-versa – to offer even more reliable services to the Belgian ports. The development of new tools leads to more efficient collaboration in the port.”

NL + ENG Persbericht Portplus Samenwerking Dirkzwager 20220111