Vessel Movements Reporting

Get a grip on the entire portcall of a vessel! Planning of vessel calls take place in a rapidly changing environment because ETA’s change and bad weather can slow down port operations. The shipping agent is the crucial link between the vessel, the port, the shipper and the operator.

Manage your portcalls

Certainty about vessel arriving time is crucial for decision making. An efficient portcall starts with reliable information.

Port Arrivals & Departures

For every port call many different port operations must be performed at just the right time. To know when to schedule line handlers, stevedores, bunker vessels and other service providers the local shipping agent needs to have reliable and correct information. An accurate ETA results in efficient port planning and reduced waiting times.


Real-time & reliable

In the Port of Rotterdam the local ship agent is responsible for 30.000 oceangoing vessels calling the port each year. To have access to real-time, reliable and accurate information on the exact arrival time of a vessel is very important. Because circumstances may change. For example when there are strong winds and the pilot is suspended. An optimized Port Visit Monitoring system improves operational efficiency and gives detailed insight in the status of the port visit.



The benefits

  • 24/7 availability
  • Personal contact
  • Supporting the local ship agent
  • Active order monitoring
  • Monitoring availability nautical service providers & terminal berth availability
  • Combination of human decision making & algorithms


What our customers say

As ships agents we are active in the port 24/7 and always on call. A substantial amount of time is spent on the road travelling between various terminals and vessels. We are point of contact for various parties, which require rapid information about ships calling the local port. Frequently asked information for example are expected arrival times, departure times and berth information for the vessels. Due to the digitalisation and the changing means of communication we are expected to respond quickly to these enquiries. In Rotterdam we already use the reporting service provided by Dirkzwager for many years now. Thanks to their human touch and 24/7 availability to contact them by phone, they are of assistance to us obtaining required information and data. We experience their service as a great support to our business and services we provide to our clients.


Graypen – Rotterdam office


We know what we’re talking about

Personal & professional contact: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.