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PortCall Mobile App

PortCall Mobile is the vessel reporting tool for ship agents and service providers active in the Port of Antwerp. The app, which works on tablet and mobile (iOS & Android), allows tracking of all movements of incoming, outgoing, or shifting vessels. Integrated with the Port of Antwerp community system, we provide the most reliable, real-time data.


Real-time vessel movement information

The PortCall Mobile app is a reporting tool to track all the movements of incoming, outgoing, or shifting vessels. It has a direct connection with C-Point / APICS, the Port of Antwerp platform, and it provides the most reliable real-time data.

Follow your vessels and get notified of the ETA, ETB, ATA, RTA, PTA, and so much more.


Notifications & Alerts

  • – Live call
  • – Whatsapp
  • – SMS
  • – E-mail
  • – Push notification


When the voyage of your vessel is completed, you can also download a detailed report in CSV format (Statement of Facts). We also provide live notifications about traffic disruptions like weather conditions, lockout of order, pilots shortage, and more.

The PortCall Mobile app is available via the App Store or Google Play Store. If you sign up, you get access right away.


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