Marine Coordination Centre

The maritime control centre is the central planning and coordination room for the offshore execution of activities such as the construction of a wind farm or cable laying in the seabed. It manages all operational activities in a safe and efficient way.

Vessel Traffic Planning & Coordination

Our Marine Coordination Centres are focussed on the smooth running of offshore activities during the construction phase of an offshore project. Every project is organized in a different way. Our standardised approach helps you to smoothly plan and coordinate all vessel movement at your offshore construction area.

With every new project setting up a marine coordination centre is an important step in the project preparation. Our team has significant experience with setting up a marine control centre including installation of all hardware, managament- en communication systems.


Key tasks of our marine coordination team include: 

  • 24/7 monitoring all vessel movements, helicopters, weather- and sea conditions and personell within the construction area
  • The detection, supervision and control of the vessel traffic at the offshore site, and to and from the ports of construction
  • Give information to vessels underway to enable navigation to be carried out safely and quickly
  • People tracking using RFID cards


Onsite or remote

Depending on the nature of the project marine coordination can be carried out remotely from our maritime control room in Maassluis or onsite in the port in vicinity of the OWF. The primary aim of our experienced team is to ensure the continuity of all offshore activities and to make sure  that the offshore operations run smoothly and safely.



Maintain communication

During the construction phase various vessel types are involved such as installation vessels, guard vessels & crew transfer vessels. Furthermore there are helicopter flights to and from installation vessels and substation platforms.

Our professionals are in continuous contact with the vessels, keeping track on them, documenting the position of jack-ups, inspect the certificates and register them. Also they monitor & track all personnel engaged in marine operations and maintain communication.


Why Royal Dirkzwager?

  • Royal Dirkzwager has a significant track record in setting up and operating various marine coordination centres
  • We have a longstanding experience in the world of maritime safety.
  • We offer a wide range of solutions and add on services