Digital Supply Chain Management

Demand and expectations of customers are changing drastically. Everybody expects on-demand delivery, full transparency and low prices. In order for the industry and logistic companies to meet all these demands digital supply chain management is the key to success.

Digitalize your operations

Products need to have end-to-end visibility in order to guarantee a good delivery, to raise efficiency and avoid that they become damaged or spoiled. A traceable supply chain eliminates all these risks and ensures the consumables will arrive while they are still fresh.

How does it work

By using the power of smart sensors in load carriers like pallets and crates and make sure these sensors can communicate with each other, our customers can guarantee transparency in the supply chain and distinguish themselves from their competition. The sensors in the various load carriers  record and transmit position, movement, temperature and load state. Without them you are practically blind.



24/7 Control Power

The sensors of Ahrma are the eyes and ears of the supply chain. 24/7 the  information and data from these sensors is gathered, analysed and shared with logistic companies so they can be more efficient and optimize the whole supply chain. The data helps your organization to make faster and better decisions about the whole logistic process. This way you have 24/7 control power!



Why us?

Our control room monitors all this data 24/7 and responds to possible disruptions.

This way our customers can:

  • Optimize product routes
  • Streamline their product portfolio also by location
  • Improve production planning
  • Become more sustainable
  • Reduce logistic costs
  • Reduce marketing and sales costs


With our solution we can make a faster, more efficient and exact delivery possible. Supply Chain Management reaches a new level with optimization of all marketing, sales, supply chain and logistic activities.

Erik de Bokx, CEO Ahrma Group


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