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Ship Security

Our focus is on what is important to you - ensuring your vessel and crew are safe. We handle your ship security alerts and tests quickly and efficienctly.

Your fleet of ships is ensured of a 24/7 focal point for security and alert messages. We act as a focal point and we provide quick communication assistance in case of an emergency at sea. Messages are handled according to pre-defined procedures, prepared by the security team of your company. Messages can be transferred to your company security officer and/or the coastguard office of your flag state.


Emergency Response

Failure to respond quickly and effectively to an emergency or incident can turn a small incident into a much larger one. With our experienced maritime specialists on duty 24/7 we guarantee a 24/7 availability and immediate response to an emergency. We answer the telephone exactly according to your instructions and we start the agreed procedure.


Ship communication

We communicate with (your) seagoing vessels worldwide and we offer you certainty that your message is delivered to the recipient. We have contracts with all the key communication players in the world.


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