Piracy Alert

Piracy and terrorism have a daily impact on shipping. Armed attacks on merchant vessels have increased in frequency and is putting crews in constant danger.

24/7 Assistance

A ship owner is responsible for the ship, crew and cargo. Voyages through dangerous and high risk areas ask for extra attention. With our 24/7 maritime emergency room, you are able to track your vessel and act immediately when unexpected changes in course or speed occur.

Every ship owner is obliged to have a focal point which is on 24-hour standby as mentioned in the Ship Security Plan required by the ISPS Code. For ship owners who do not have the means to comply with this obligation, Royal Dirkzwager offers this service because we are specialized in 24/7 assistance to vessels.


Increase the safety of your onboard crew

Piracy Alert helps to safeguard your vessel while sailing through a piracy risk area. With this service Royal Dirkzwager tracks your vessel based on communication messages from the ship on a 24/7 bases during the transfer through piracy risk areas. In case a message is not received, a change of course and speed is noticed, or any other unexpected development is noticed, Royal Dirkzwager will contact the company security officers.


Key tasks

  • Keeping track of vessels sailing through piracy risk areas.
  • Informing the security officer of your company immediately about deviations of the vessel based on its communication pattern.
  • Communicating immediately and continuously with your vessel in case of emergency
  • Checking the course and speed for a predefined route and signaling deviations from the route


Piracy has been a problem for quite some years now and armed attacks (kidnapping for ransom, hostage taking and extortion) on merchant vessels have increased in frequency. Piracy has a major impact on the economics of the shipping industry. Insurance companies have increased their premiums for vessels entering high risk areas and the pirates have become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks. At the same time, the regions where attacks take place increase in size every day. The wave of piracy attacks is costing millions and is putting crews in constant danger.


Why Royal Dirkzwager?

  • We guarentee a 24/7 availability and immediate response to an emergency situation
  • We make sure you can rest assured because your ship is fully monitored.
  • We have over 140 years of experience in 24/7 availability and service




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