Historical Data

Do you need information on past vessel positions or previous port calls? Or perhaps an overview of a historical vessel voyage. All of this is possible and much more.

Historical Overview

Sometimes you need specific maritime-related information that cannot easily be obtained. By having this information available you can either optimize your work, save on marketing costs, time and find new business opportunities.

We provide all kinds of historical data that will help you to support you business processes. The data is delivered in CSV or XLS format. Contact us for all the possibilities we have to offer. The data is offered as one-time only reports or as regurlaly updated reports.


Our data offering

  • Validated maritime data from ports worldwide
  • Vessel movement reports
  • Port visits in a specific time period
  • Tracking reports of the historical route of a vessel
  • Up to date port statistiscs from ports worldwide
  • Other datasets


Try our information for yourself:

  1. Cargadoors statistieken (overview all vessels Port of Rotterdam per agent),
  2. Management Yearoverview 2019 (example of vessels entering the Port of Rotterdam with their management companies)


Why Dirkzwager?

  1. Reports and files which contain precisely the required information. This can be delivered exactly in the right format, completely fitting to your information needs, and creating efficiency in your marketing effort.
  2. Continuously monitoring of data that is obtained from reliable sources, and updated by our specialized personnel in order to ensure the data is complete, reliable and up-to-date.
  3. Offering automatic periodical reporting to ensure reliable delivery in line with specific information requirements.
  4. We have direct access to extensive databases (either in-house or through our worldwide partner network) with information about vessel characteristics, ship movements, port visits and other maritime information.
  5. We offer you a reliable 24/7 service.

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