API’s & Maritime webservices

Retrieve information for any vessel. Get ETA and voyage related information using one of our maritime data webservices. Select which events, such as port arrivals and departures contribute directly to your business processes.

Insight from big data

Royal Dirkzwager provides you with all the information you need in a way you can use it directly. Retrieve information on vessel details, movements and actual postions.

Introducing our webservices API, the most comprehensive source of vessel data available. Our API provides detailed vessel characteristics, including ownership, ETA/ETD, and AIS information, all accessible through a single, easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re a shipping company, logistics provider, or anyone else who needs to stay up-to-date on vessel movements, our API is the perfect solution. With our reliable and up-to-date data, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Try our webservices API today and experience the power of our vessel data firsthand.


The data can be provided by port, vessel or a combination of those: 

  • Vessel arrivals and departures in ports worldwide
  • Up-to-date port statistics divided by vessel type or specific berth
  • Historical tracks
  • Automatic retrieval of ETA information
  • Requesting agent details or berth information
  • Applying for an ISPS authorization from your own system so that employees can be scheduled immediately


Collect the right information

Collecting the right information can be a time-consuming task. The user often retypes the information from one system into another system. This increases the chance of errors and the work itself is very repetitive. Usually there are also several screens open next to each other, which causes a lack of overview.


Get a better grip

By automating the process of collecting information the user is assured to always have the most accurate and complete data and direct access to all the data in our extensive shipping database. It gets easier to quickly prepare a daily schedule, reduce costs and get a better grip on the internal business process at the same time.


Royal Dirkzwager

  • We have an extensive database with more that 150.000 vessels in it
  • We offer you a reliable and personal 24/7 support
  • We continuously monitor the data that is obtained from reliable sources, and updated by our specialized personnel in order to ensure the data is complete, reliable and up-to-date.


What our customers say!

Royal Dirkzwager has built two web services especially for Sunny Europe. Those webservices are used to retrieve ship information and to register visitors. Sunny Europe processes this information in its own ERP system, so that the information can be linked to the planning, sales and delivery processes.

When an employee is scheduled to board a ship, the web service is approached which forwards the pre-announcement to Ship2Report, which then takes care of delivering the announcement at the terminals.

With this solution, Sunny Europe saves a lot of time in retrieving information and announcing their visits on board vessels. Due to the fact that the process is now an automated system, the number of errors has fallen dramatically.

Bennie Kriekaard, IT Manager, Sunny Europe N.V.

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