AHRMA Holding completes acquisition of Royal Dirkzwager

AHRMA completes aquisition


As from January 1st, Ahrma Holding has taken over Royal Dirkzwager. By combining the expertise and qualities of Ahrma and Royal Dirkzwager both Ahrma’s as well as Dirkzwager’s current and future customers in 24/7 service and support will benefit greatly. Royal Dirkzwager’s Control Room will expand its 24/7 operational service and IT support to Ahrma’s customers worldwide. Ahrma’s IT department will be relocated from Deventer to Maassluis and an ambitious investment programme in the latest IT technology will be executed during 2020.


AHRMA is a young and dynamic Logistics IT company with its headquarters and production plant in Deventer, The Netherlands. Ahrma also has regional offices in Asia and the US, serving clients’ logistics in the industrial food, beverage, pharmaceutical and retail industries.

Ahrma’s ultimate purpose is to reduce food and product waste by creating a more sustainable global supply chain. Customers active in FMCG, Retail and Industrial segments experience pain points within their supply chains such as damaged and perished products, lost products and substantial chain inefficiencies. By creating complete visibility in the supply chain with smart assets like pallets, crates and promotional display units, capturing movements, temperature and shocks Ahrma addresses these pain points.  The data which is captured from these smart assets is supported by a Control Room and made available as intelligence to its customers. This enables full transparency in the supply chain in order to lower the total logistic cost and creates sustainability benefits.


Royal Dirkzwager is a specialist in the maritime, offshore and logistics world since 1872. Thinking in solutions for the challenges in the maritime and logistics sector. That is what has moved Royal Dirkzwager since 1872. From the fully equipped 24/7 Control Room, located in Maassluis The Netherlands, Royal Dirkzwager offers various emergency, monitoring, reporting and detection services and provides more than 800 organisations in the maritime, offshore and logistics industry every day with up to date information and services. Our goal is to let our clients excel and create value by reducing costs and time and ensuring the safety of people and equipment .


For further information please contact:

Paul Wieland (CEO of Royal Dirkzwager):

tel. +31 610428160, email: pwieland@dirkzwager.com


Erik de Bokx (CEO of Ahrma):

tel. +31 626620966, email: erik.debokx@ahrmagroup.com


Maassluis, January 28th,  2020