Ahrma Group launches COVID-19 Contact Tracing solution

Ahrma Group launches COVID-19 Contact Tracing solution

AHRMA is excited to announce the launch of the INFLOOW Contact Tracer for Europe and North America, a smart device that helps companies to protect the health of their employees and stop the spread of coronavirus among employees in the workplace. The contact tracer is a wearable device that detects and records when personnel have had close proximity contact. Therefore, allowing unaffected personnel to remain safely in the workplace.

Economies across Europe and North America are reopening again and companies are looking for ways to resume business in a healthy and safe manner. The questions these companies and organizations are facing are: how can I protect the health of my employees and how can I prevent the possible spread of the virus within my company?


Unique technology

Ahrma developed a smart pallet with unique & award winning asset technology in 2014. With this technology it is possible to track and trace pallets worldwide. Ahrma saw an opportunity to create the contact tracer using the same technology and contribute to a safe and healthy workplace.


Privacy guaranteed

The Contact Tracer permits contact tracing for 14 days and helps employers with digital contact tracing while respecting the privacy of the wearer. The tracer never passes on the location or any other sensitive information to the employer to guarantee their privacy. With reliable information on contact events, companies can minimize the risk for their employees. In the event of an infection, they can trace the chain of contact events and react immediately to prevent further infection.


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INFLOOW Contact Tracer


EU: +31 (88) 4431020 / USA:+1 800 9627998



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Erik de Bokx                                      Rex Lowe

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