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Are you often confronted in your daily business  with questions like ‘how did the container sector develop this year?’,  ‘did the amount of arriving vessels change compared to previous years arrivals’ or ‘what is the average port stay of vessels for this year’? Our Business Intelligence year reports are the solution for you!


Limited offer € 795,-*


As the maritime information and service provider, Royal Dirkzwager has a lot of in-house data and maritime knowledge. If you combine these two, interesting reports can be made from it. We are able to offer you quick delivery, tailor-made reports, in the frequency you want and in the format of your choice!


What Business Intelligence can do for your organization:

  • Help to support your decision-making process.
  • Increase the efficiency of your business meetings and trade fairs.
  • Give you background information on different types of development in the maritime industry.
  • Enable you to analyze your competition and calculate your market share.


Order a year overview Rotterdam 2012 before 1 December 2012:


From 2142,- for 795,-

and a combination of 2011 and 2012 for only 995,-*

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* Terms & Conditions

This offer is valid only by orders which are placed before 1 December 2012 for year overviews in Rotterdam for the year 2012 or 2011 and 2012. Payments need to be done in December 2012. The reports will be delivered in January 2013.


Reports can be built/constructed from 5 different data field from our maritime database such as

-           IMO/Name/ATA/Berth/Registered owner/Technical management/Ship Agency etc.


Examples of year reports we can deliver:

  • Arriving vessels combined with additional information i.e. technical management and registered owner.
  • Amount of arrivals per terminal completed with vessel name and shipping company.
  • Overview of vessels completed with technical management.
  • Development of the container sector (or any other sector of your choice) in Rotterdam compared to previous years.
  • Or any other desired overview.


Our General Terms apply to all our products and services.