Port Approach Monitoring: to the 'next level'



Dirkzwager has recently introduced an improved version of its long-standing Rotterdam vessel reporting service. By means of 'dashboard' software, shipping companies and their agents are offered a complete and reliable overview of the expected situation in the port of destination several hours prior to arrival. In this way you are presented all operational elements and an overview of possible bottlenecks surrounding vessel arrival and berthing.


Already a number of shipping companies in the container segment are gaining operational cost-efficiency by means of this service, which includes advice on vessel speed adjustment in order to arrive at the pilot station and container berth in an uninterrupted flow and using cost-effective economic speed. The service also includes advice on the use of an order, for instance with the aim to assist effective vessel exchange at a busy container terminal.


For more information on this service, which will be extended to the bulk segment in the near future, please call Jeroen Kortsmit at +31 (0)10 – 593 16 00 or send an e-mail.