Press release: Royal Dirkzwager active in Dutch Scheldt Ports


Royal Dirkzwager expands into the Dutch Scheldt seaports.


Starting September 17, Royal Dirkzwager will expand its activities southward into the Scheldt area. The Dirkzwager web based  information product ship2report will be available with local content for the port community in ports such as Flushing and Terneuzen. With this information source, the local port community will be able to receive detailed and up-to-date arrival and departure information supplied with the content quality and reliability with which Royal Dirkzwager has established its reputation. The ship2report information source also contains an AIS function and an up-to-date worldwide vessel database.


Shipping Agents, terminals, shipping companies, ship suppliers, nautical service providers and port authorities in this increasingly busier port area, can use our information to optimize their planning and operations. Dirkzwager is also able to integrate all this information directly with your own in-house system.


As ‘the maritime information and service provider’ Royal Dirkzwager has been expanding the area of operation year by year. We gather, process and deliver valuable data and information by means of modern communication techniques and personal attention. We provide a complete package of services to support the entire port community on the cutting edge of safety and efficiency – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The power of an information and service provider like Royal Dirkzwager is achieved through a unique combination of maritime expertise, in depth knowledge of nautical and port processes and ICT capabilities. This combination of qualities makes Royal Dirkzwager a partner that will add value to your business. Royal Dirkzwager links together all the shackles of the maritime chain and provides the port community the possibility to profit from the strength of others, we call this "Setting synergy in motion".



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