Business Intelligence


Hunting for new business or analysis of the market and your share of it? Most of the time the most elementary question is 'where do I get my data?'.


Sales management of one of our customers had difficulties planning their business trips in an efficient way. They did not have reliable information of vessel movements, port visits, ship management, agencies and nautical service providers in the areas they had to visit. As a result business trips were scheduled on an ad-hoc basis and often only one prospect was visited on a round trip.


If  the sales management would have the capability to access this kind of information it would be possible to make a detailed and reliable analysis of the local market. With this analysis it is possible to schedule more visits to potential customers per trip.


We provided this customer with these capabilities.

As a result the number of visited prospect per trip increased from 2 on average to 5 and their export business doubled. As an extra, the total number of trips decreased  which saved them valuable time and money.


Just one of the examples of what Business Intelligence by Dirkzwager could do for your business.


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