Vissim’s Oil Spill Detection

for the Maersk Inspirer rig


Our technology partner Vissim AS has been awarded a contract to deliver its latest generation Vessel Traffic Management System to Aker Solutions for the Maersk Inspirer rig. Including Vissim’s Oil Spill Detection Module and CCTV Module will add to the safety capabilities of Vissim’s world class vessel traffic management system.


The integration of radar, voice communications, and vessel tracking sensors provides rig operators a seamless anti-collision, safety, and communication system. Vissim’s Oil Spill Detection module will further supplement operators environmental and situational awareness around the rig. Vissim’s proprietary software will leverage a combination of radar video and thermal camera imagery to allow operators to detect, track, and monitor any potential oil spills or leakage. Thermal cameras can similarly track vessels or targets whose position is provided by other sensor feeds. All of Vissim systems are designed to exceed relevant Norwegian and International standards for offshore oil and gas operations.


The combined forces of Vissim AS for state of the art VTMS technology en Royal Dirkzwager’s cost efficient 24/7 remote asset monitoring services provide operator of offshore Oil & Gas installations with unrivalled monitoring and collision prevention capabilities.