Dirkzwager's 24/7 Telephone Attendance Service


You are not always able to answer your phone 24 hours a day. Hiring extra personnel, especially during the night shifts, is quite expensive. We offer you a unique service which can be beneficial for you. Improving the professionalism and accessibility of your organization. iPS Powerful People started using our 24/7 telephone attendance service. Below you can read his findings and recommendation.


Due to the demand and the International growth of our company, we reviewed our 24 hours emergency service. The  result of the internal review was to find a service who could provide iPS with the professional back up and service that was required. 


We started looking for a reputable and reliant partner who could provide this service in a tailor-made way.

Royal Dirkzwager has a good reputation in the market and was recommended to us. They offered their 24/7 telephone attendance services to us.


This offer was accepted and iPS emergencies are now 24 hours, 7 days a week centrally serviced by Royal Dirkzwager.

The quality and efficiency of this service has found the answers to the questions our review faced. A more improved and efficient system of notifying, the responsible staff who will be able to react immediately to any emergency or urgent requirement that is directed through the specific emergency office number.


The added value of the 24hrs telephone attendance service operations of Royal Dirkzwager is important to iPS. It is also marketed  as an integral part of our operational 24/7 assistance when we tender towards clients. We are looking forward towards a long term relationship with Royal Dirkzwager.

Nick Spies Division Director - iPS Powerful People (IPS)


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