Maritime Single Window


Maritime Single Window


Agents, ship owners, governments, charterers, port authorities, every party that is involved in the logistics and administration that is involved with ships visiting European ports will at some point be confronted with the Maritime Single Window (MSW).


European legislation demands every member state to establish a single point of digital declaration. All information (that has to be reported to government agencies), with regard to sea vessels (including fishery), visiting European ports has to be provided via the MSW of the country concerned. The MSW will pass on provided information to the states customs, military police, port police, immigration department, health authorities, etc.

In the Netherlands the department of ‘Rijkswaterstaat’ (public works) is owner of the MSW and coordinates its development. ‘Logius’ (ICT) takes care of the technical development and maintenance.


The MSW will be functioning in conjunction with Port Systems. A Port System is defined as to be the system designated by the port authority that ship agents are obligated to use for providing information related from port visits to the port authority. In most cases Port Community Systems (PCS) like Portbase for the Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam serve this purpose. Other systems, so called “non-port systems” are used for other types of data to be provided to government or non-governmental organisations. Examples are in-house systems of agents or charterers, or a service provided by Royal Dirkzwager and KVSA.


Since its inception Royal Dirkzwager and KVSA have been following the development of the MSW very closely. Because of our expertise and our comprehensive knowhow related to Port Systems, we are able to advice you in matters of expansion of your in-house systems.


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