Wintershall Seismic Survey successful with Dirkzwager Offshore VTS pilot service


On August 23rd, the Dirkzwager team, consisting of the experienced Offshore VTS pilots Busink, De Wit, Venema, Herben, Feddes, Zonnenberg and Van Popta completed their VTS tasks on board of the M/V Pacific Explorer during the K18bL16a seismic acquisition project executed by PGS for Wintershall Noordzee B.V.


A complex operation where the M/V Pacific Explorer with 6 cables of 6000 meters length performed seismic acquisition in blocks K18b and L16A/K15 on the Dutch Continental Shelf in close proximity of and even in the shipping lanes. Also busy fishery activities took place in the area where the acquisition was conducted.


The safety of all vessels and of course personnel and equipment is why the Offshore VTS services of Royal Dirkzwager were used to organize surrounding traffic during this project and we are proud that our customer expressed their appreciation of these services after the successful completion of the project:


"We would like to thank and congratulate all the pilots that have been involved on the M/V Pacific Explorer. They have produced a huge work in organizing the marine traffic around the seismic vessel and have allowed the operations being so safe and efficient.
Please pass our thanks and congratulations to them.  It has been a pleasure to work with Dirkzwager and we are looking forward working with you in the future."


From our side, and also on behalf of our Offshore VTS Pilots, we would like to thank all parties involved for their great efforts and cooperation to conduct this challenging survey in compliance with today’s high safety standards and demands.