Offshore safety made by Royal Dirkzwager and VisSim AS


On April 24th 2013 Royal Dirkzwager of the Netherlands and VisSim AS of Norway signed a Memorandum of Understanding underlining their intention to create a long-term partnership in the field of Remote Offshore Asset Monitoring, ROAM©.


The two companies have a long-standing reputation in their respective fields: 

VisSim AS is a strong international provider of vessel traffic monitoring hardware and software solutions for the Offshore Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind Industry as well as ports and coastal surveillance sector.

Royal Dirkzwager has built up a reputation in Offshore VTS monitoring and information services and ICT support for the maritime sector.

The two companies are creating joint monitoring service products for the oil & gas and windfarm projects, both during the construction- and operational phases, The aim is to assist owners and operators of such projects in reducing cost and operational and environmental risks.


In the picture, front from left to right:
Pieter Bloemendaal, Managing Director Royal Dirkzwager (RD), Kristian Kossen, VP Wind & Innovative Solutions (VisSim AS), background left to right: Paul Wieland, Manager Offshore & Pilotage Services (RD) and Jeroen Kortsmit, Commercial Manager (RD)

For more information please contact Paul Wieland.