Expected Time at Berth soon available in Ship2Report


At Royal Dirkzwager, listening to the ideas and desires of our customers is of great importance. By talking with and listening to our customers we learned that there was a great desire for having more detailed information about the ship movements within the port. By having this information, the efficiency of the planning e.g. for  the purpose of on-board visits, can be increased


Therefore Dirkzwager has added the ETB (expected time at berth) to our “expected”  and “combined expected/in port” overviews in Ship2Report. For now this information is only available for the Port of Rotterdam but we are working on providing this information also for other ports.


The ETB will stepwise be added to all the user accounts with access to the Port of Rotterdam movement information in Ship2Report. In the next few weeks you should see a new column in your port overviews. If you are interested in receiving this information earlier please contact our service desk via telephone: +31 (0)10 – 593 16 03 or by E-mail.


Royal Dirkzwager adds human intelligence to its products and services, creating a valuable and unique product for the customers. ETB is an example of this human intelligence!


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