Lloyd’s List Intelligence and Royal Dirkzwager


For many years Lloyd’s List Intelligence (LLI) and Royal Dirkzwager have been business partners. Together we are successful in providing reliable and high quality information and business intelligence to the maritime market. LLI, with Seasearcher, focuses in global gathering of information on news, market trends, and business intelligence for governments, large multinationals and traders.  

Dirkzwager, with Ship2Report, focuses on detailed ship movement information in North-West Europe and the provisioning of this information to all operations involved in these ports.


In 2012 LLI has improved their Seasearcher application and introduced several new features such as:


  • Satellite based AIS via Orbcomm
  • Vessel reports for export and printing
  • The ability to view not only live AIS vessel positions but also last day, last week, last  month and lost known positions
  • Visual historical vessel tracks
  • The ability to visualize any search on the map including saved vessel lists
  • Bing maps
  • Tanker channel, LNG channel and Container channel
  • “Ask the analyst” button


At the end of last year LLI, together with Royal Dirkzwager, paid visits to all our governmental and commercial customers to show them these new functionalities.  Especially the historical vessel tracks and satellite based AIS are highly appreciated by them. Another functionality that is highly appreciated is the “ask the analyst” button. By clicking on this button you will get direct access to the analysts of LLI and they will support you on detailed questions or specialized markets.
As one of them stated: “This enables us to determine in detail where a vessel has been in the recent weeks and if there have been unexpected movements. A great contribution to our systems and working more efficiently.”


To secure and guarantee the quality of our data, both Dirkzwager and LLI are using over 1.500 resources. In combination with our human intelligence we provide information and services that are unique to your organization. Historical data, actual movements and future expectations all within your reach.


Dirkzwager is official sales agent for LLI. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by Phone at +31 (0)10 – 593 16 03.