Vessel Characteristics

If you are looking for detailed (more than 60 parameters) information about seagoing vessels (over 150,000), Royal Dirkzwager has the solution for you!


Vessel Characteristics provides you very detailed information about the characteristics of over 150.000 seagoing vessels. This information is obtained through Dirkzwager´s business partner Lloyds List Intelligence for the world commercial fleet and for certain types of vessels.
In-house information is combined, gathered and validated with specific data from other partners including Lloyd’s List Intelligence, Q88 (tankers) and Shipdata (fishery).

You need actual and up-to-date information about vessels for a variety of (business) reasons (market analysis, invoicing for many companies activities are based on dimensions of a vessel) or operational processes. For instance, the position of the manifold of a tanker is relevant for berth planning, availability of bow and stern thrusters is important for determining tug boat instructions.
Through Royal Dirkzwager´s Business Intelligence services, detailed customer specific reports are generated, containing vessel characteristics for vessels matching certain criteria; engine manufacturer, technical management etc.


  • Receiving a detailed set of information about seagoing vessels.

  • Providing data in the format of your choice.

  • Offering our vessel data in combination with port visit information and the actual position of the vessel.

Why Dirkzwager?

  • The correctness of your data is checked by our specialized personnel.

  • We offer you safe and quick 24/7 service. 

  • We have longstanding experience in the maritime world.


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