Shipping Companies

As a ship-owner, you want to be assured that your ships and crew are safe at all times. At the same time, you want optimal efficiency on the route from A to B. As your partner at sea and in the port, Royal Dirkzwager can ease your concerns and responsibilities with its wide range of services.

The Port Visit Monitoring service – Royal Dirkzwager's core business – improves operational efficiency and prevents a breakdown in the coordination of vessel operations. From 72-hours before arrival until departure Dirkzwager will assist your local agent with 24/7 monitoring of Portcall efficiency.

And if desired, ships in the Le Havre-Hamburg range can be provided with experienced North Sea pilots that support the bridge management team. A service such as SSAS (Ship Security Alert System) can also give you the security you need, and Royal Dirkzwager can process these messages as a 24/7 focal point. Royal Dirkzwager has been certified by the Dutch government to process SSAS messages as an authorized CSO (Company Security Officer) for communication matters.


Another service that protects your floating investment is Bridge Assist, which optimizes your port approach, passage planning and performance both on the ocean and coastal track.

The Royal Dirkzwager Alert Service is also an important cornerstone of safety management (ISM) on board, aimed at guaranteeing a 24/7 procedure in case of calamities. Added to that, with its worldwide database of ship’s data and movements Royal Dirkzwager is a reliable supplier of Business Intelligence: from commercial analyses up to and including logistical information.

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