Remote Offshore Asset Monitoring

If you are looking for professional and experienced safeguarding of you offshore assets in the North-West European waters, Royal Dirkzwager´s Remote Offshore Asset Monitoring  is what you are looking for.

There is an ever increasing number of valuable offshore assets such as oil and gas facilities, mining and industrial installations and wind and tidal energy farms located in the Northern European waters, sometimes very close to the busy shipping lanes. The very dense shipping traffic in these waters in combination with the frequent occurrence of bad weather poses a serious threat to these valuable assets both during the construction phase as well as the exploration and production phase.


Onshore and offshore monitoring

Royal Dirkzwager and VisSim jointly offer a unique service to protect these assets during their lifecycle by means of both onsite and remote monitoring. The primary aim of these services is to ensure safety of personnel (on platforms), continuity of production (oil & gas platforms and wind & tidal farms) and prevent damage to these assets.


Maritime Control Room

Our Maritime Control Room is the first independent third party monitoring center in Europe. From this onshore control center our well trained and experienced staff monitors the shipping traffic in the vicinity of the objects 24/7. Depending on the safety level required by our customer we apply AIS, radar and/ or CCTV technology to monitor shipping activities that may lead to collision risk for these valuable offshore assets.


Vessels that are about to cause a potentially harmful situation are contacted via VHF and advised to change their dangerous course, thus preventing collisions and the possible resulting environmental pollution and damage to the offshore objects as well as vessels. If necessary and depending on the established procedures, platform operator and authorities are informed. These services can be enhanced with options such as early oil spill detection etc.


  • Protecting valuable offshore assets.
  • Enhancing the safety of shipping in congested waters.
  • Preventing environmental pollution.
  • Communicating professionally with shipping and Port authorities.
  • Adding safety precautions with regards to the maritime environment.


Why Dirkzwager?

  • Our control center staff is experienced in dealing with all aspects of shipping.
  • Customer driven tailor made solutions and communication procedures
  • A wide range of solution, ranging from low cost AIS-only based solutions to fully redundant AIS / radar / CCTV / VHF communication solutions.
  • A unique combination of human intelligence and reliable high end technology
  • Our technology partnership with VisSim
  • We offer you safe, quick and reliable 24/7 service.
  • Royal Dirkzwager has longstanding experience in the world of maritime safety.

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