Instructions To Vessel (orders)

Do you want to have more grip on the arrival time of your vessel and instruct the Harbourmaster and your vessel with the latest information about anchoring, entering and berthing? All the parties involved will receive the relevant arrival particulars at the same time, thereby ensuring a well-coordinated arrival.


There are a number of rules and regulations governing shipping in the Port of Rotterdam that are in place to assure efficiency, safety, security and protection of the environment. One of these rules concern a generally accepted message exchange called ‘Orders’. An order is a message about berth availability, from the agent to the vessel bound for the Port of Rotterdam, playing a vital role in the planning process of the Port of Rotterdam. An order can contain berth availability, tidal restrictions etc.
Such a message is transferred by Royal Dirkzwager to the system of the Harbourmaster and a confirmation of the order is sent to the agent. When the vessel is within VHF range, the order is transferred to the vessel.

The responsibility for communicating Orders and informing all parties that Orders are given when necessary rests with Royal Dirkzwager. All shipping traffic in the port is monitored and all parties involved are notified in case something might go wrong. Royal Dirkzwager acts as an intermediary between the local agents, the vessel and the Port Authority. This is an official agreement between Royal Dirkzwager and the Port Authority. It is mandatory to send Orders. If orders are sent to Royal Dirkzwager, all the concerned parties will be informed.


  • Ensuring more grip on the berth arrival time with vessel instruction coordination. 

  • Informing a vessel as well as the Harbourmaster about the anchoring and berthing instructions of your vessels (including unlimited changes).

  • Facilitating a vessel exchange with another vessel on a specific berth.

  • Monitoring berth-availability (in combination with Port Approach Monitoring & Reporting).

  • Monitoring the optimal Required Time of Arrival results in an additional advise for reduction of fuel consumption.

Why Dirkzwager?

  • Dirkzwager is the entity that officially coordinates Orders in the Port of Rotterdam.

  • This Service is offered on a 24/7 service, supporting efficient port entry and berth usage. 

  • Longstanding experience in the world of vessel operating- and port efficiency.

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