Business Callcenter

Do you want to offer your clients an all-round, 24/7 service without constantly being at the office? Royal Dirkzwager has created a Business Callcenter service to fulfill this need.


Royal Dirkzwager can operate as a Business Callcenter for your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
As a Business Callcenter, Dirkzwager will answer calls for your company and redirect those calls to the person on duty. As a result you are able to provide full, 24/7 service to your customers, even when no one is present at the office. Royal Dirkzwager can take care of:

  • Service calls

  • Telephone overflow

  • Small administrative work


  • Providing 24/7 telephone back-up and service center for your company.

  • Handling calls following pre-defined procedures.

  • Processing small administrative work after office hours.

  • Increased service level: your telephone is always answered without answering machine.

  • Reducing costs of expensive personnel.

Why Dirkzwager?

  • Experienced and professional intake of calls.

  • Service minded personnel.

  • We offer you quick and reliable 24/7 service.

  • We have over 140 years of experience in the maritime world.


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