As a representative of a shipping company, you can greatly benefit from Royal Dirkzwager's 24/7 port agency backup monitoring services.

For example our Port Visit Monitoring service which guarantees that a port visit is as efficient as possible. We assist your port agent with monitoring and communication services that are aimed at the most efficient port visit imaginable.

Simultaneously, we use the most economical and up-to-date communication technologies to take the entire message handling between shore and ship (and vice versa) off your hands.


An Internet environment like Portcall, which was introduced especially for agencies, enables you to view online all the information about the ships that are important to you. With the unique and integrated visitor registration module, you immediately have an efficient ISPS (International Safety & Port Security Code) tool at your disposal to satisfy the stricter regulations of port authorities when granting online permission to suppliers to visit your ships. With the optional Portcalculator you can calculate the port entry costs for the port of Rotterdam. Moreover, Royal Dirkzwager has expert personnel to support you at peak moments with your port agency activities.

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